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In Pictures: Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 40th Anniversary Tour

Many thanks to the Twitter Community for sharing their memories!

Setlist: 19/May/2017 – Andy Irvine & Paul Brady

19/May/2017  – Andy Irvine & Paul Brady,  Cork Opera House, Cork Ireland (40th Anniversary Reunion Tour)


Heather on the Moor
Lord Thomas
Stensons (Set of Tunes)
Băneasă's Green Glade / Horo
Cocks Are Crowing
The Dream / Indiana
Wearin' the Britches
The Blacksmith / Blacksmithereens


Martinmas Time / The Little Stack of Wheat
Lough Erne Shore
Bonny Woodhall
Fred Finn's Reel / Sailing into Walpole's Marsh (Set of Reels)
Arthur McBride
Autumn Gold
The Jolly Soldier / Blarney Pilgrim
Streets of Derry
Mary and the Soldier
Plains of Kildare


The Braes Of Moneymore
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

Note: This set was typical of the 40th Anniversary Tour concerts. The Vicar St. gig that I attended had the exact same setlist.

In Pictures: Never Ending World Tour Of Japan 2017

Many thanks to the Twitter Community for sharing their memories!

Rachel Baiman Shares Plucky, Ambitious Rewrite of Andy Irvine’s ‘Never Tire of the Road’


Rachel Baiman may be a twenty-something commandeering the Nashville music scene, but she sings like an old soul hopping trains from coast to coast. In her plucky, ambitious rewrite of Andy Irvine’s “Never Tire Of The Road,” Baiman perfectly captures the cautious optimism of the working (wo)man.

Irvine wrote the song in 1991 as a tribute to folk hero Woody Guthrie, who spent much of his life writing music and fighting as an activist. Guthrie took particular aim at fascism and corporate greed. And those themes really hit home for Baiman.

“It feels like simultaneously a song about touring and being on the road, and being a voice of the people and working for justice” Baiman tells Wide Open Country. She went one step further in personalizing the song, adding her own lyrical twist. Baiman says it helped make the song fit her voice and stay modern.

“The third verse was originally about the IWW, the international workers union that was a big deal in Woodie’s time,” she says. “I asked my brother who is a union organizer to help me rewrite that part. He gave me one of my favorite lines. ‘Alone we beg, but together we demand.’”

Baiman reveals she only later heard Irvine’s added live verse, in which he tells all the fascists they’re bound to lose. “If only I’d known when I recorded it, I might just have to put that verse back into the song,” she says.

A plucky banjo line anchors “Never Tire Of The Road” while Baiman’s folksy vocal delivery lands perfectly. Check out the exclusive premiere of the track below.

The 27-year-old Baiman sings and plays well beyond her years. She counts John Hartford among her myriad influences. But her cold-pressed vocal style also sounds reminiscent of alt newcomer Courtney Barnett.

As an instrumentalist, Baiman honed her bluegrass chops on both fiddle and banjo. As a member of fiddle duo 10 String Symphony, Baiman toured internationally and also played for other artists, including Kacey Musgraves.

You can hear all her influences shine through on new solo record Shame, which comes out June 2. Baiman says the songwriting on the album really takes on a new life in the current political climate. As a child, she grew up in a house that embraced social activism. So a music career steeped in the rich tradition of folk activism seems like a natural extension of that upbringing.

Baiman also recently co-founded an organization called Folk Fights Back. The group puts together benefit concerts and awareness events in response to Donald Trump’s administration. In other words, she fits right in with a long line of politically charged folk heroes.

“I love the political tradition of folk music, from Woody Guthrie to Tupac,” she says. “And my hope is that this record adds another voice to it.”

Check out Rachel Baiman on tour this summer and be sure to grab a copy of new album Shame on June 2.


Andy & Paul 2017 Tour – Rehearsals Underway, Brady Interviewed & Last remaining tickets on sale!

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady reunite later this week for the 40th Anniversary of “the Album” (a.k.a. one of the greatest moments in folk music recorded history!). Heres what’s been happening



Paul Brady on The Rolling Wave – Sunday, 10.00pm on RTÉ Radio 1

A look forward and a look back in the company of Paul Brady to a famous and much loved album of songs and tunes by himself, Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny and Kevin Burke.

Listen Now

Last Remaining Tickets On Sale